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We are an Australian company committed to providing simple, energy efficient and environmental solutions to homes across Australia.

At Green Made Easy, we are working towards a cleaner, greener future by helping Australian households reduce their energy consumption and save money!


Victorian Energy Efficiency Target

Green Made Easy have been working alongside the VEET Scheme since its inception January 2009.

As an Accredited Persons working under the Energy Saver Incentive we have been able to provide over 300,000 Victorian homes with a variety of Energy Efficient products to suit their home and needs, either free of charge or at a discounted offer.

The VEET program was put in place by the Victorian Government to make Energy Efficiency improvements more affordable and to reduce Greenhouse Gases.

The program is not a rebate scheme, however, by allowing Accredited Persons (like Green Made Easy) to make these improvements to your home, you will be saving in two ways. The benefit of the free or discounted product(s)/appliance(s) and the advantage of reducing the homes energy costs in numerous ways.

Accredited Persons can provide these special offers as a discount or at no charge because of the VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate) created from the Energy Efficient activities. Each VEEC represents One Tonne of Greenhouse Gas abated. These certificates are then provided to the Major Energy Retailers at a cost; these Retailers have a liability to take part in actively reducing Greenhouse Gases and so in turn are required to surrender a specific amount of VEECs to the Essential Services Commission annually to show they are complying with the VEET target.

The Essential Services Commission is the Governing body of the VEET program it is they who enforce the regulations for the Energy Saver Incentive If you would like to read more on this please click on the link:

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