Green Made Easy Partners:


Green Made Easy currently provides a range of products and services through the Energy Saver Incentive using VEET approved activities.

Lighting – Embertec LED

Where we have previously undertaken the Incandescent replacements we are now happy to be able to provide an Energy Efficient replacement for Halogen Down Lights.

Space Conditioning – Weather Sealing Door Seals / Chimney Balloons

To provide all eligible Victorian homes the chance to install draught sealing free of charge.

SPC – Embertec Standby Power Controllers

To provide all eligible Victorian homes the chance to install an Embertec Standby Power Controller free of charge.


We have previously provided:

Lighting – Mirabella Compact Fluorescent Lighting

Partnering with Mirabella to provide all eligible Victorian homes the chance to replace their old incandescent globes to energy efficient CFL’s free of charge.

Showerheads - Interbath Low Flow Shower Rose

Alongside South East Water we provided their clients and other Victorian homes with low flow Showerheads free of charge.

Green Loans Program - Home Sustainability Assessments

This program was put in place in the lead up to the 2007 Federal Election. The program was to provide residential homes a subsidised environmental home assessment to identify cost-effective measures to reduce household energy and water use. In addition, low-interest loans were made available to those eligible householders to fund the purchase of items such as Solar Panels, Rainwater Tanks and Energy Efficient Lighting.

Solar Energy

To provide Victorian homes with Solar Panels, with a rewarding rebate scheme it meant significant discounts and offers were available at the time to reduce the cost to the household.

These other programs and rebate schemes meant Green Made Easy could expand its horizon and provide a range of other environmental services outside of the VEET program. As well as having the opportunity to move into different states. Green Made Easy was able to provide the below services in a similar Energy Saving scheme (REES – Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme) in South Australia.

CFL Lighting and Showerheads

Green Loans Program - Home Sustainability Assessments

Solar Energy