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Accredited and Subsidised under the Victorian Government Energy Saver Incentive Scheme, our globes:

  • Are available at a subsidised price & installed for free by a Licensed Electrician
  • Have a lifespan of 20* years or 60,000 hours
  • Come with a 3 year product warranty
  • Produce excellent light in warm colors
  • Are high quality Australian designed products


A home with 20 downlights could save over $400* per
year, which is over $8,000* over the lifetime of the globes

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* Calculations are based on: 1. Lifecycle tests approved by the VEET Scheme. 2. Replacing 50 watt halogen downlight globes with 7 watt Embertec LED downlight globes. 3. The estimated ESC carbon abatement factors for the products used. 4. The Victorian greenhouse gas coefficient as at July 2011. 5. An electricity price of 26c/kWh.